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We are intent upon reclaiming birth, life & death. We are finding how to heal the wounds of generations. We are discovering through working our life purpose, the actions and practices that are life-affirming, nurturing, nourishing, and restorative.

In matters of birth I offer just 3 sheros ~ you will find many more once you go seeking. Our task is to weave together these wisdom teachings so that we may emerge as the wisdom culture we have the power to be.

For 20 years Jeannine Parvarti Baker has been advocating "healing our Earth by healing birth"

The circumstances of our birth (and gestation and conception) shape us and haunt us to the degree we have not understood or integrated our 'passage' into this world. That is, we are compelled to play out our unidentified terrors and fears. The journey from conception to and through birth is epic and profound. We emerge imprinted at a cellular level. Unaddressed primal fears unwittingly drive political agendas, national policy, marriages, parental & vocational choices. See the work of Lloyd deMause and The Institute of Psychohistory for more in-depth analysis of this phenomenon:

Healing the Earth by healing birth is key. We can commit to re-visting our own story with the purpose of identifying and releasing that which is undermining our ability to fully live our lives, and we can do everything in our power to ensure that currently emerging newborns are met with optimum conditions for 'safe' passage. Safely delivered, in this case, encompasses everything from conscious conception to open channels of communication throughout gestation and birth. A gentle, conscious birth passage is one of the most powerful healing practices we have been able to instigate and perpetuate. The ripple effects of these births is immeasurable. As I write (December, 2002)I am celebrating news of our latest Lotus birth*, maybe the first in Stockholm.(?)

*Jeannine brings the teaching of Lotus birth: Lotus birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut, so that the baby remains attached to his/her placenta until the cord naturally separates at the umbilicus- exactly as a cut cord does- at 3 to 10 days after birth. This prolonged contact can be seen as a time of transition, allowing the baby to slowly and gently let go of his/her attachment to the mother's body.

"Lotus birth has been, for us, an exquisite ritual which has enhanced the magic of the early post natal days. I notice an integrity and self-possession with my lotus-born children, and I believe that lovingness, cohesion, attunement to nature, trust, and respect for the natural order have all been imprinted on our family by our honouring of the placenta, the Tree of Life, through Lotus Birth." New Zealand GP (family MD in America), Sarah J. Buckley: Lotus Birth - A Ritual for our times < href="http://www.pregnancy.com.au/Lotus_birth.htm">

Fear of BirthCopyright © Jeannine Parvati Baker, originally appearing in "Living in Balance"- Vol.4, No.2. This is the second article in a series about Jeannine’s vision of a freebirth community. The others are Freebirth, Every Mother a Midwife and Vision of a Freebirth Community.

"Ritual, like love, calls up whatever needs to be healed. Birth is life’s oldest ritual, as well as an expression of sexual love and as such brings forth unconscious material for healing. In other words, birth turns us inside out. Unfortunately, in this dominator culture, what is brought up is tremendous fear.

This is primal fear. Fear of pain. Fear of death. Even, especially, fear of the unknown. Yet unexplored fear is of WOMEN’S POWER!! It is unnerving to the uninitiated to witness the tremendous primal power of women giving freebirth."

Healing our Earth by healing birth is the canon of Jeannine Parvati Baker's Hygieia College: From the perspective of HYGIEIA COLLEGE, what sets lay midwifery apart from the standardized training offered through other schools is the emphasis on each family as a unique, yet whole, system. Childbirth is experienced within the context of the family's psychosexuality and spirituality. Perinatal psychology is central to the Course. >From the perspective of soul-making, birth is seen as beyond a "normal" event in the family's life cycle. Birth is viewed as initiation, the central rite-of-passage for the maiden-becoming-mother, the lover-becoming-father and the children who are becoming siblings. A lay midwife therefore is an assistant for this journey with the big picture in mind – that is, how a mother gives birth will affect not only the entire family psychologically, but our world. Our work is to clear the road of any inheritances in the prenatal period that might mitigate a spontaneous birth. Through our prenatal visits, the mother unpacks any excess baggage and leaves it behind as she journeys through birth. In simple terms, a lay midwife is not only attending to the physical needs, but to the psychological needs of each family. Indeed, she views these needs as one. These changing needs present themselves through a series of prenatal rituals derived from midwives of the past as well as the emerging wisdom in perinatal psychology today. I call it "soul hygiene" in which emotions, dreams and fantasies are all important.

Meet women who care about and are doing something to make the world better for our children's children http://www.freestone.org/hygieia/ Jeannine Parvati Baker http://www.freestone.org Author PRENATAL YOGA, HYGIEIA: A WOMAN'S HERBAL. Co-Author with Frederick Baker CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION ~Co-Founder Six Directions: A Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Educational Corporation Devoted to Personal, Family & Planetary Health

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Healing the Earth through Healing Birth

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