~ The Original Time to Shine Poem ~
The Profound Fool

The Fool Profound or Fool Divine
I had it once and said its mine
But I mislaid my sense of play
And merrily it danced away

Yet it returns once more to me
Dancing still more merrily
And this time it comes multiplied
Me and many more beside

All of us we are the Fools
Love and laughter are our tools
Tears of joy and sadness too
Heal the wounds in me and you

When we were young the sacred way
Was trodden naturally in play
But we grew up and as we grew
We sadly lost the things we knew

All that I have learnt thus far
Teaches me that I'm a star
Teaches me that when I flow
In everything I do, I grow

There's a way where there's a will
To drop the heavy overkill
To look upon ourselves and laugh
To never do a thing by half

May you never lose the Fool
Or the universal rule
Sacred and profane are One
Magic lives are now begun.

Corrina Cop Rain
New Zealand, 1989
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