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Music by Richard Stone. Lyrics by John P. McCann.

Pinky : Gee, Brain, what do you want to do today?
Brain : The same thing we do every day, Pinky...
        Endure Elmyra, then try to take over the world!
P+B   : Agh!
Elmyra: (giggle)

Chorus: The situation's changed
        For Pinky and the Brain
        No laboratory
        Alone in the rain.
        And someone's looking 'round
        For where they might be found
        It's stinky
        For Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,
        Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,

        Their pressure magnified
        With every lab they tried
        They had to flee constantly
        Needing a place to hide.

        Trapped inside a store
        A girl ran in the door
        She bought a discount turtle
        But ended up with more.

Elmyra: Furry things are nice
        I love my talking mice
        I take them to school
        And make them eat rice.
        I spray them with perfume
        In my own bedroom
Chorus: They're crinkly
        And often in great pain, pain, pain, pain,
        Pain, pain, pain, pain,

        So Pinky and the Brain
        Share a new domain
        It's what the network wants
        Why bother to complain?
        The Earth remains a goal
        Some things they can't control
        They're Pinky
        Elmyra and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,
Brain : (vo) I deeply resent this.
Chorus: Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain,
Pinky : (vo) Troz! (laugh)
Elmyra: Mousies!

Lyrics from PATTY ANN (Episode E1)
Music by Julie Bernstein and John P. McCann.
Lyrics by John P. McCann.

Every guy and gal, or so they say
Spends together a special day
Filled with gushy, kissy kinds of stuff.
Soon they know they're two of a kind
Kooky, crazy two of a kind
Two of a kind, we've said it quite enough.
A chance
To jump in someone else's arms!

End of Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain lyrics

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