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Sung to the Orpheus Overture by Jacques Offenbach.

I'm an Animaniac
Some people say I'm out of whack
You can't miss our wild new show
With my cute sis, and my bro
We all act like we're insane
Along with Pinky and The Brain
Bobby, Squit
and Pesto
Hip Hippos
Rita, Runt
Chicken Boo
Slappy too
We dance and sing and do all kinds of crazy things
Oh we're the amazing Animaniacs
We'll split your sides in half
We are the most exciting ever
So watch us cause you'll love us
We'll be on your TV
Coming up next right here on Fox!
(Alternate last line: Weekday afternoons right here on Fox!)
(2nd alternate last line: Later today right here on Fox!)
(Bravo, Bravissimo, etc. from YW+D)
Transcribed by Matthew Ford


Sung to Deck the Halls

Yakko: Deck the halls with smelly stockings!
YW+D : Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!
Dot  : 'Tis the season to go shopping!
YW+D : Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!
Wakko: Holidays make us more loony!
YW+D : Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!
Dot  : Join the fun on our cartoon-y!
YW+D : Watch us crazy Animaniacs!
Yakko: (spoken) Happy holidays from the Animaniacs and all your
        friends at Fox!
Transcribed by "The Corinthian"


Do you have a craving for a show that's really kinda wacky,
Yearning for some fun that's loony, kooky, zany, and slap-happy?
Animaniacs are just the perfect thing to hit the spot.
Join us 'cause he's Wakko, I am Yakko, and this is Dot.
We escape on Saturdays and every weekday afternoon.
We run amok along with other wild and crazy toons.
There's Pinky and the Brain, Slappy, and Chicken Boo.
Buttons, Mindy, Bobby, Pesto, Rita, Runt to name a few.
We'll surprise you,
Tantalize you,
Mesmerize you,
Envigorize you!
Come join in the fun; you're really gonna have a blast,
Be sure to see each minute of us crazy Animaniacs!
(spoken) Six days a week on Fox Kids!
Be sure to see each minute of an all-new Animaniacs!
(spoken) Saturday morning on Fox Kids!
(also alternatively...)
(spoken) Coming up next on Fox Kids!
Transcribed by Brendan Dunn and Ron O'Dell


YW+D : For the twelve days of Christmas, Fox Kids Net gave to me:
Yakko: Twelve sharkies biting
Wakko: Eleven Bobbys triking
Dot  : Ten Ticks ha-ha'ing
Yakko: Nine toons cha-cha'ing
Wakko: Eight doggies burping
Dot  : Seven Tazzes slurping
Yakko: Six rangers leaping
Wakko: Five faboo X-Men
Dot  : Four Cubhouse pals
Yakko: Three Carmen gals
Wakko: Two batty guys
Dot  : And cute Spiderman to light up our tree.
YW+D : (spoken) Happy holidays from Fox Kids!
Transcribed by Ron O'Dell


MJFrog: It's another election year
        So stand and give a cheer
        For a presidential candidate that's new.
        He's the rodent that we need
        And he's here to take the lead
        For Mom and apple pie, so what do we do?
Brain : Yee-e-ess!
YW+D  : We put the right mouse
        Into the White House
Yakko : 'Cause he's qualified, my friend, to rule the world.
Dot   : He'll cut the taxes, save the trees
Wakko : He'll reduce the price of cheese
YW+D  : He's a fightin' son of a gun
        And when it all is said and done
        They'll agree in both the Senate and the House
MJFrog: That the best man for the job...
Brain : ...is a mouse!

        A Brain is a terrible thing to waste.
Pinky : Narf!

Voice : This has been a political announcement for the campaign
        to put a Brain in the White House.


YW+D : That's all we've got now
       There isn't any more now
       The lot is closing
Yakko: And Wakko's gotta eat.
YW+D : It's time to stop now
       Or your brain will rot now
       Kids' WB's fulfilled its mission
       Now it's time to end transmission
       But we've made a big decision...
Dot  : We'll be back next week.
YW+D : Ain't that sweet?


Sung to the Orpheus Overture by Jacques Offenbach.

YW+D : Freakazoid and Earthworm Jim
Dot  :          Oh, I like him!
YW+D : Road Rovers and Waynehead too
       Pinky and the Brain
Pinky:                     Yoo hoo!
YW+D : Animaniacs
       Then Sylvester and Tweety
       That's where you see
       Everything on Kids' WB!


Sung to Turkey in the Straw
(Modernized version of Zip Coon.)

Yakko : There's an eco-friendly show
Dot   : All about ecology
Y+D   : Playing every weekday on Kids' WB.
Yakko : There's an eco-friendly show
Dot   : All about ecology
Y+D   : Captain Planet weekdays on Kids' WB.

Yakko : Kwami and Wheeler
        Linka and Gi
Dot   : Gaia and Ma-Ti
MJFrog: ...and me!
Y+D   : Battling scum and saving trees
Dot   : Captain Planet weekdays...
Yakko : ...on Kids' WB!

CHRISTMAS 1997 trailer

Sung to Danse de la Fée-Dragée from The Nutcracker Suite by Pieter Tchaikovsky.

Yakko: Please come join us, won't you
       Next weekend, for a great
Wakko: Really great
Yakko: Day of Christmas cheer?
Pinky: Dubba-dubba narf!

Dot  : Batman will be there, plus
       Superman, Men in Black,
       And of course
YW+D : Animaniacs!
Pinky: Dubba-dubba zort!

YW+D : And we must not forget
       Sylvester and Tweety
       And our friends
       Pinky and The Brain.
Brain: Yes!

YW+D : Tons of Christmas
Pinky: Narf!
YW+D : All next weekend
Pinky: Zort!
YW+D : On Kids' Double-
Pinky: Walgh!
YW+D : -U B!
Pinky: (laughs)


Parody of My Heart Will Go On from the motion picture Titanic.

Pinky : Two small lab mice
        With one big dream
        To take over the world.
        Zort! Poit! Narf!
        Odds are against us
        But we'll win, you'll see.
MJFrog: Pinky and The Brain
Pinky : Weekdays on Kids' WB.
        (spoken) I'll never let go, Brain.
        Never let go.

Pinky: All new this Monday on Kids' WB.
       (spoken) I'll never let go, Brain.
       Never let go.

WAKKO'S WISH movie trailer

Sung to Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt.

DrSns    : Hey, what's up? What's all the noise?
Cmaker   : The Warner girl and the Warner boys
Tristesse: They're gathered round in the village square
Cmaker   : They say there's something way out there
Minerva  : Something weird and something strange...

Voiceover: (spoken) In a tale that captures your imagination...

Brain    : What is that?
Pinky    :               Haven't you heard?
Brain    : There's no such thing; it's too absurd!
Dot      : It could well be but we just don't know
Yakko    : We'll soon find out, 'cause we're going to go
YW+D     : To the wishing star!
Chorus   :                      To the wishing star!
YW+D     : It's something weird, and it's all bizarre
           And it fell to Earth from way up far
Chorus   : They're on their way to the wishing star.

Chorus   : I gotta get to the wishing star
           We're doing really good so far
Plotz    : Out of my way, whoever you are...

Voiceover: (spoken) Steven Spielberg presents
           The Animaniacs, in their first full-length feature.
           Wakko's Wish. Coming Fall 1999.

Dot      : (spoken) Maybe we should have kept this our little secret.


Sung to Mexican Hat Dance (cf. Yakko's World).

Yakko: Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday
       And Friday we've something for you;
       It's Yakko and Wakko and Dot and the Doctor
       And Mindy and Buttons and Boo.

       Skullhead and Rita and Skippy and Pinky
       And Ralph and Minerva and Mime;
       This week on TV, on Kids' WB
YW+D : Animaniacs all of the time!

Yakko: It's Animaniacs week starting Monday on Kids' WB!


Wakko: On the day before Christmas
       And then all through the eve
       The Hub has a holiday special to see.
       Yakko and Wakko, and Dot and the rest
       Four hours of them at their Christmasy best.

       And then after that
       All you good girls and boys
       Can watch Wakko's Wish
       And then wait for your toys.

       The Animaniacs Christmas Eve on The Hub:
       Monday, December 24th, starting at 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 Pacific.
       It could happen -- only on The Hub!


YW+D     : The Hub has got some news for you that might just sound crazy.
           Animaniacs are coming to The Hub on your TV.
           Even though we warned them, did they listen? No siree!
           That means our shenanigans are here for you to see!

           We're Animaniacs
           And we're zany to the max.
           We're cracking up The Hub;
           Gonna make a big hubbub!
           We're Animanie,
           Totally insaney ...

Voiceover: Animaniacs, coming to The Hub starting Monday, January 7th!
Yakko    : It could happen only on The Hub!

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