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Kids' WB! public service announcements featuring the Warners.
Music and lyrics by Randy Rogel.
Music arranged by Julie Bernstein.

YW+D  : Kids' WB! presents, you see
        A person you might want to be
        Those Crazy Careers!
(see below for individual episodes)
YW+D  : That's our song
        And now so long
        From Crazy Careers!


  1. The Bossiest Job
  2. The Cleanest Job
  3. The Corniest Job
  4. The Crunchiest Job
  5. The Flightiest Job
  6. The Gummiest Job
  7. The Highest Job
  8. The Kneadiest Job
  9. The Moldiest Job
  10. The Most Mixed Up Job
  11. The Most Tilted Job
  12. The Most Tuned In Job
  13. The Most Up And Down Job
  14. The Pushiest Job
  15. The Scariest Job
  16. The Sludgiest Job
  17. The Sparkiest Job
  18. The Tastiest Job
  19. The Wildest Job
  20. The Wordiest Job

The Highest Job

Yakko : At five o'clock she'll wake up
        Get dressed and put on make-up
        The crew is out; they're ready to fly
Dot   : She's cute and photographic
        Her job is watching traffic
        From a helicopter high in the sky
Yakko : She goes up; she goes down
        She goes flying around
        She's always there live on the scene
        Where you'll find her up in the sky
        Looking down at some guy
        Who stopped on the pass
        'Cause he ran out of gas, and it's clear
YW+D  : 'Cause when it's bumper-to-bumper down there
        We're sure glad we're up here!

The Gummiest Job

Dot   : If your teeth are a disaster
        We'll make some out of plaster
        And we'll shove them up inside of your head.
Yakko : And that's what we do
        So if you like to chew
        On that bubble gum, candy and cake
        Then you better use toothpaste and floss
        And brush down and across
        'Cause if you don't brush 'em
        Then we'll have to flush 'em, it's true
YW+D  : And then we'll give you some teeth
        That connect to your head with some glue!

The Kneadiest Job

Yakko : They first turn on the power
        Then dump in lots of flour
        It's a complicated process ahead
Dot   : A bakery is a factory
        And all it does is exactly
        Is to turn a bunch of dough into bread
Yakko : It gets cut into layers
        And put on conveyors
        That move it all around the machine
        So we can add some body and some malt
        And some sugar and salt
        Then we cook it and we bake it
        And that's how we're making bread here, you see
YW+D  : And the best part of all
        When you work here
        You get some for free!

The Cleanest Job

MJFrog: To make a microchip is tricky
        So you have to be nit-picky
        Can't have dirt or nothing sticky anywhere
Wakko : I wear a funny suit with hoses
        It's designed so it encloses
        All my fingers and my toeses and my germs
MJFrog: You know, a clean room's quite exotic
        There's machines they call robotic
        And they have to be methodic when they make the chip, it's true
YW+D  : Because a little piece of dust
        Can cause a microchip to bust
        That's why they're clean when we go fetch them
        Then we stamp them then we etch them
        And then once we ship that microchip to you
Frog  : We'll make it obsolete by building one that's new!

The Crunchiest Job

Yakko : Here's the place to stuff your face
        'Cause what we do all day
        Is grind corn up into strips
        To make fried tortilla chips
Yakko : We take each piece with elbow grease
        And grind it into paste
FogLeg: Six thousand chips a minute
        We ain't got no time to waste
Yakko : The chips we make, machines all take
        And move without a snag
Tweety: And when they're done, they drop each one
        Inside a little bag
Yakko : So shove those chips into your lips
        And then they'll end up on your hips!

The Flightiest Job

Yakko : Here's a guy who likes to fly
        Up really high above
        He's trained and he's prepared
        He's nervous; he's not scared
Yakko : With pressure suits and special boots
        A helmet on his face
FogLeg: He's dressed up like the astronauts
        Who go into outer space
Yakko : The earth's below and here we go
        Way up into the sky
Tweety: And afterward, we're like a bird
        That's seven miles high
Yakko : Avoid those pesky crowds
        Try working in the clouds!

The Wordiest Job

Yakko : Here's a stack of paper
        We move her and we shape her
        To print the daily paper for you
Dot   : Steer and direct it
        And then we all inspect it
        For the ink and paint and color and glue
Yakko : All the different sections
        Go off in ten directions
        And have to pass inspections by me
        Look at all the stuff that we use
        Just to bring you the news
        Like the pictures and the stories
        In the different categories you need
YW+D  : And we print it for you
        So we hope that you learn how to read.

The Moldiest Job

Yakko : We're the place that makes the face
        That models your clothes
        We make the mannequins you see in the store
Yakko : I take this pup and carve it up
        And look what you get
Yakko : Making body parts is graphic arts
        And tricky to do
Wakko : So how'd you like to lend them a hand?
Yakko : The factory spreads with plaster heads
        All over the place
        Once we make them then we take them
        And paint them each face
        We give them eyes and ears and noses
Pinky : And ankles, feet and toeses
YW+D  : To model panty hoses for you!

The Bossiest Job

Yakko : When second base is stolen
        He's got the cameras rollin'
        He's back inside the trailer, you see
Dot   : He's filming every sector
        He's producer and director
        Of a baseball game you watch on TV

Yakko : He's watching all these pictures
        To get the perfect mixtures
        And put them all together for you
        So that every shot that you see
        On your big-screen TV
        Is designed and it's proven
        To keep it all movin' on cue

YW+D  : And now back to you!

The Most Up And Down Job

Yakko : Bought every tool
        And went to school
        And mastered my trade
        Now I'm repairing these ball bearings each day

Yakko : I've got guts
        I may be nuts
        But oh what a view

Yakko : Up we go
        And moving slow
        And picking up speed
Wakko : We're standing twenty storeys high in the air

Yakko : So take a ride
        Just step inside
        We're closing the doors
        While you're talking
        It beats walking
        Up those seventeen floors
        It's safe and strong and stable
Pinky : So trust that union label
YW+D  : And pray that stupid cable holds on!

The Most Tuned In Job

MJFrog: When you're supposed to mow the lawn
        But both your mom and dad are gone
        And so you flip the TV on
        To watch a show

Wakko : Ah, you're stumped and mystified
        At how that screen that's really wide
        Has all those circuit boards inside
YW+D  : That make it go

Wakko : Well, here's the place we build 'em
        Once we've soldered 'em and drilled 'em
        Then we've made sure that we've filled 'em
        Up with wire

MJFrog: So come and watch us do it
        And you'll see how we go through it
        'Cause there's really nothin' to it
        When you make big-screen TVs

YW+D  : Just take a ??????
        And then shove them all together
        But you gotta use precision
        Under constant supervision
        And then once that television's out the door
MJFrog: Today we'll only have to make a hundred more.

The Pushiest Job

Yakko : I can float
        'Cause I'm the boat
        That pushes ships around
        When they need to move that barge
        I'm the guy in charge
Yakko : Grab that wheel
        I love to feel
        We're sailing out to sea
FogLeg: I say, a tugboat captain, that's the guy
        I really wanna be
Yakko : It's what I crave
        To feel that wave
        Go crashing cross the bow
Tweety: We're off the land, on water
        And I'm really seasick now
Yakko : So don't be a stuffy snob
        Get a really pushy job!

The Wildest Job

Yakko : She's a vet
        And you can bet
        That you could be too
        Because all your friends belong in the zoo

Yakko : All her pals
        Are animals
        Like monkeys and chimps

Yakko : Electric eels
        And barking seals
        Are funny and nice
Wakko : I love to watch them open wide and say "Ah!"

Yakko : I like the mammals
        And the camels
        And the elephants too
        I'm a vet'rinary doctor
        And I love what I do
        So let turtles be your clients
Pinky : And crocodiles and lions
YW+D  : Take biologic science in school!

The Most Mixed Up Job

Yakko : Feast your eyes
        'Cause we're the guys
        Whose job is making paint.
        You want pink or navy blue?
        We do periwinkle, too.
Yakko : Play it smart
        We always start
        By putting it in cans.
FogLeg: Got to be real careful, son
        Don't spill it on your hands.
YW+D  : To paint your wall
        Just give a call
        'Cause we're the guys you need.
Tweety: Any color of the spectrum
        And it's ten-year guaranteed.
Yakko : So go buy some at the store
        Then they'll pay us to make more!

The Tastiest Job

MJFrog: Are you the kind who likes to eat
        A tasty treat that's nice and sweet?
        Well, here's a job that can't be beat
        It's what I do.
Wakko : They mix it up real fine
        On a big assembly line
        Then the tasting part is mine
        As I walk through.
MJFrog: Creamy flavor or non-dairy
        Lemon, lime, vanilla, cherry
        Chocolate, grape, or boysenberry
        How 'bout ?? ripple too?
YW+D  : Or maple walnut almond fudge
        Hey, I'm the guy who gets to judge
        That chocolate chip and rocky road
        I eat my Corn Flakes à la mode
        And I just hope I don't explode right off my feet.
MJFrog: Now bring on all that ice cream and let's eat!

The Sludgiest Job

MJFrog: That spoiled milk you didn't drink
        And so you dumped it down the sink
        Well, did you ever stop to think
        "Where does it go?"
Wakko : Well, there's a guy with a projector
        And a camera-type detector
        Called a Sewer Line Inspector
YW+D  : He would know.
Wakko : He'd say it all goes down the sewer
        Where you find all that manure
        And it keeps on movin' through 'er
        Don't ya know.

MJFrog: So be a Sewer Line Inspector
        In the Public Service sector
        Like a Hollywood director
        Taking pictures on the scene
        Of all that crud that's floating by
        I'm a manhole-covered guy
        Looking underneath the street
        At all that stuff you didn't eat
        And making sure that it just keeps on floating by.
        Let's hear it for those crazy sewer guys.

The Corniest Job

Yakko: It's fun to eat
       It's sticky, sweet
       And loaded with fat
       And we eat it every chance that we get.

Yakko: And here's the place
       We stuff our face
       And gulp it all down.

Yakko: If we could wish
       For any dish
       To have that we like
Wakko: We'd eat caramel corn the rest of our lives.

Yakko: It may not be nutritious
       But delicious, you bet
       When you eat the stuff
       Your stomach's playing Russian roulette
       And that's the way we do it
Pinky: So you can get to chew it
YW+D : There's really nothing to it
       You see!

The Sparkiest Job

Yakko : I jump into the water
        And go underneath a ship
        With my flippers
Wakko : And my mask
Yakko : I'm the guy who's got the task
        To make sure that boat can stay afloat
        By fixing all the holes
        And so I wear a rubber suit
        And then my body doesn't freeze
Wakko : My welding torch is burning at
YW+D  : Ten thousand hot degrees
        It's exciting, never dull
        When you're melting down a hull

MJFrog: You can stay beneath the waves
        And when the job is done at last
        You can swim with all the fish
Yakko : And have yourself a great big blast
Dot   : So get it done with flair
Wakko : And go to work where there's no air
YW+D  : And you can be an underwater welder too!

The Scariest Job

Yakko : People pass
        They're moving fast
        And screaming out loud
        'Cause they can't believe they're paid to do this.

Yakko : It's daring and it's scaring
        And you just wet your pants.

Yakko : Here we go
        At first it's slow
        And then we go fast
Wakko : It's exciting! Look! They're riding, no hands!

Yakko : Down the hill, hey what a thrill
        We're moving mach ten
        Filled with fright and knuckles tight
        Let's do it again!
        'Cause when that rollercoaster goes up
Pinky : It never really slows up
YW+D  : 'Til everybody throws up on you!

The Most Tilted Job

MJFrog: Have you played that big arcade and thought to yourself,
        "I wonder what's inside that pinball machine"?

        About a million parts, electric charts, and bundles of wire.
FogLeg: Most confusing thing I've ever seen!

MJFrog: A bunch of things like tiny springs and pulleys and gears,
        Microchips and metal clips all wired to ground
        With lots of bells and whistles
Pinky : So lights have a sound!
MJFrog: All just so you can knock that little pinball around.
Brain : World domination -- now there's a game.

Tweety: That's what's in a pinball machine.

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