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BONES IN THE BODY (Episode 91)
Music and lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Yakko: Everybody knows about the ankle bone connected to the
       Other bones you have inside your leg.
Wakko: And everybody knows it's true,
       Without the bones inside of you,
Dot  : Your body would become a scrambled egg.

Yakko: So the toe bone's connected to the foot bone,
Wakko: And the foot bone's connected to the ankle bone,
Dot  : And slide is connected to the trombone.

Yakko: The structure of the human body's
       Something quite unique
       And I'd imagine all the bones and joints
       Connected to each other
       In a complex distribution
       Formed by years of evolution
       That there still is some confusion
       As to how it came to be.

Wakko: The foot and toes and ankle
       Help us walk; we should be thankful
       They're connected to the lower leg
       Or else we'd all fall down
       Right, here's the tibia, the shin bone
       And the fibula is ingrown
       To the back of the patella
       Which is also called the knee.

YW+D : Knee knee knee knee knee knee knee,
       Knee knee knee knee knee knee knee.
       Knee knee knee knee knee knee knee,
       Knee knee knee knee knee.

Dot  : Here we classify bone as the
       Femur or the thigh bone
       It's connected to the pelvis
       And the lower lumbar region
       Up the sacrum to the vertebrae
       And doctors all prefer to say
       The sternum or the thorax
       When they're talkin' 'bout your ribs.

Yakko: The finger bones are numerous
Wakko: The upper arm's the humerus
Dot  : The forearm's got two pieces
       Called the radius and ulna
Yakko: Then the scapula and clavicle
Wakko: The maxilla and mandible
Dot  : The nasal and the frontal bone
       And cranium on top. Mwah!

Yakko: The skeleton is really great
Wakko: It helps your body stand up straight
YW+D : Without it all your brains and guts
       Would fall out on the floor!

Music by Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz. Lyrics by Tom Ruegger.

Sung to Macarena.

(Dot laughs)
Y+W        : Helloooo, nurse!
Yakko      : Uhhh...
Dot        : (spoken) I am NOT trying to be annoying.
Y+W        : Aie!

Dot        : I act like a nut, so they call me Macadamia
             I dance like a klutz on a show called Animania
Dot overdub: Am I a cutie?
             And a beauty, you can bet your patootie!
D+N+Minerva: But if you touch me, or even get near me
             I'll have you arrested, do you hear me?

Y+W        : Dot is a nut, so they call her Macadamia
             She's cracked in the head, and kooky in the brainia
             Each line in this song sounds pretty much the sameia
             Oy, Macadamia!
Ralph      : Daaah...
Y+W        : Donde que vas a Nintendo Macadamia
             Hola que pasa you grande sack o' grania
             Qui a coupé le fromage, we abstainia
             Oy, Macadamia!
(Wakko burps)

Dot        : Now, please don't mention by brother
             The one they call Wakkoreno
(Wakko burps)
Dot overdub: He's always burping
             Every hour
Dot        : So I threw him out of the tower.

Wakko      : Whoooaaaaaa!
(Dot laughs)
Dot        : (spoken) Now come on, what did you want me to do?
             He was grossing me out!
             And I'm just a cute little thing.
             So don't cross me!

Y+W        : She's cracked like a nut, so they call her Macadamia
             Whenever she gets mad, you'll experience painia
             Cuts and bruises you will sustainia
             Oy, Macadamia!
Pinky      : Narf!
Y+W        : Lava tus manos, por favor, Macadamia
             The world is the goal for Pinky and the Brainia
Dot        : Otra vez on y vas the repetitive refrainia
Y+W        : Oy, Macadamia!
Brain      : Ye-e-ess!!!

Dot        : (spoken) Don't hate me because I'm cute.

(Pesto beats up Squit)
Squit      : Ow!

Yakko      : Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Oy, Macadamia!
Skippy     : Spew!
Yakko      : Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
Y+W        : Oy, Macadamia!
Boo        : B'gawk!

(Dot laughs)
(Skippy laughs)
(Pinky laughs)
(D+Sk+P+HN+M laugh)
Slappy     : (spoken) I don't get it. What's the joke?
D+Sk+P+HN+M: Uhhh...
Yakko      : Uhhh...

Dot        : I'm a nut who's known as Macadamia
             But you can call me by my other nameia
Dot overdub: Louisa
             Bo Besca.
Dot        : Or just plain Dot, the name I flirt to
             But if you call me Dottie, I'll have to hurt you.

YW+D       : Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Oy, Macadamia!
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Mac, Mac Mac, Mac, Mac, Macadamia
             Oy, Macadamia
Transcribed by Lee Cremeans, Andy Diaz, Jeff Wickel, Linda Pang and Brian Cruz

Lyrics from ACQUAINTANCES (Episode 93)
by Gordon Bressack and Charles M. Howell IV

We Won't Ever Leave
Parody of I'll be There for You by The Rembrandts
Music by Peter Hastings.

Whatever made them think that this could be a show?
Six trendies on a couch just drinking cups of joe.
They lead such boring lives
But never fear,
Because we're moving in for a month
Maybe a year.

Oh, we won't ever leave
No, you can't throw us out!
We won't ever leave
You can scream; you can shout!
We won't ever leave
Our new acquaintances.

The Warner Bunch
Parody of The Brady Bunch theme
Music by Julie Bernstein.
Here's a story
'Bout a group of slackers
Who spend all day just slurping up caffeine
'Til they meet
The wacky Warners
Who make their groovy scene.

The Warner Bunch
The Warner Bunch
And we call them
The Warner Bunch!
Transcribed by Stephanie Griffith

by John P. McCann

Sung to Old Dan Tucker.

Yakko: The Roman world was in a mess
       The emperor wore a...
YW+D :                       ...cocktail dress
Yakko: When in the year 441
       Came a guy, Attila the Hun.

YW+D : Run away; here comes Attila
       Flee today; he'll sack your villa
       Run away; here comes Attila
       He'll swipe your hogs and then your pillo'.

Wakko: Attila was a nasty king
       He and his Huns wrecked everything
       He lived by arson and the sword
       Invaded France 'cause he got bored.

YW+D : Run away; here comes Attila
       Far away; go to Manila
       Run away; here comes Attila
       He'll steal your socks and then your pillo'.

Yakko: I guess he had a thing for pillows!

Dot  : To a wedding Attila went
       Looking sharp like a Hunnish gent
       He ate a whole ox, then ate two
       Then passed away, but so would you.

YW+D : Come on back; farewell, Attila
       Ate three ox, and got his fill-a
       He wore shorts made of chinchilla
       His favorite ice cream was strawberry.

Yakko: What can I say? It's not a perfect world.

YW+D : Attila!
       Attila Gorilla for sale!

Lyrics from HOORAY FOR NORTH HOLLYWOOD (Episodes 95 and 96)
by Randy Rogel and Tom Ruegger

We're On Our Way to Go See Mister Plotz
Music by Randy Rogel.

Wakko: Here it comes! Our first feature-length script! Faboo...
Dot  : It's brilliant! It's genius!
Yakko: And most important of all, it's done!

Yakko: Hey what do you know
       We actually did it
Dot  : We wrote a script
Wakko: We've written a show
Yakko: Eight hundred pages
YW+D : We over-did it
Wakko: But still we've got a chance to get rich
Yakko: We've just gotta make that pitch
       To the CEO who gives the go
Dot  : 'Cause he's the guy who says yes or no
YW+D : To make it into a movie, so you see...
Yakko: Out the door, my friends, and follow me.

Wakko: Hey, where are we going?

Yakko: We're on our way to go see Mister Plotz
       'Cause he's the man in charge who calls the shots
Dot  : He's really good; he's Hollywood
       And no one can deny
Wakko: He knows the biz, 'cause he's a whiz
YW+D : And that, my friends, is why...

YW+D : We're on our way to go see Mister Plotz
Dot  : I hear he's got a plane and several yachts
Yakko: 'Cause he's successful; he's a genius
       He's the man who has it all
Dot  : Got a Bentley in his driveway
Wakko: And an Oscar on his wall!
YW+D : He's the guy that Steven Spielberg wants to know
Spiel: I wanna know 'im!
YW+D : He's Mister Plotz, the Warner CEO!

YW+D : The script is great, real first-rate
       That is why we just can't wait
       To hear him say it's all a go
       We're going to make a movie, so...

Crowd: They're on their way to go see Mister Plotz
       'Cause he's the king of all the movie lots
YW+D : He takes a lunch with Streisand
       And she always pays the bill
       Plays golf with Arnold Palmer,
       Hired Cecil B. DeMille!
Wakko: He even made money on a movie with Don Knotts -- my hero!
YW+D : That's why we're on our way to go see Mister...
Y+W  : Warner Brothers...
Dot  :                    ...and Warner Sister
YW+D : On our way to go see Mister Plah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah...
       Ready or not,
       Here we come!
       Gonna see Mister Plotz!

YW+D : (spoken) Huh?
Yakko: ...and so is everyone else in town.


Yakko: Done!
Dot  : Our first sequel!
Wakko: "Son of Hooray for North Hollywood"!
Dot  : So now what do we do?
Yakko: I'm glad you asked that question...

YW+D : We're on our way to go see Mister Plotz
       'Cause he's the one in charge who calls the shots
       He's really good; he's Hollywood
       And no one can deny
       He truly is a super-whiz
       And that, my friends, is why
       We're on our way to go see Mister Plah-ah-ahtz.
Crowd: They're on their way to go see Mister...
Y+W  : Warner Brothers...
Dot  :                    ...and Warner Sister
YW+D : We're on our way to go see Mister Plah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ahtz.
Wakko: (spoken) Say, do you have any licorice?

You Gotta Do the Schmooze
Music by Randy Rogel.
Dot  : Gee, look at all the people on hold.
Yakko: Yeah, they're all waiting to schmooze Plotzie.
Wakko: Schmooze? What's that?
Yakko: That's how you make deals in Hollywood, Wakko.
       You've gotta shoot the breeze, talk the talk...
       You know -- schmooze!  Like this...

Dot  : Mister Plotz's office... Please hold...
       Sid Scheinberg on Line Two!

Yakko: Sidney, sweetie, baby, you're terrific!
       Oh, my other line is ringing; can you hold?
       Keanu, man, I flipped,
       'Cause I've got the perfect script
       And, believe me, you're the only one I've told.

Dot  : Meryl, honey, darling, babe, I love ya!
       It's the perfect part; there's no way you can fail.
       And that's 'cause you're the best
       You are way above the rest
       And I understand you used to work for scale.

Dot  : Eisner!

Yakko: Michael, green light's right at fifty million.
       We're talking Costner so we're shopping it around.
       You know, the line's around the corner
       And they love it out at Warner.
       You don't want to be the guy who turned it down.

Y+D  : You gotta do the schmooze
       Or else you'll wind up being yesterday's news
Yakko: You gotta schmooze 'em while you're talkin' PR
       From the phone in your car
       Be the guy who says that "I can make you a star!"

Dot  : You gotta learn to schmooze
       Tell everyone about your friend Tom Cruise
       And say you recommended Cher for a part
       You gave DeNiro his start
       And on The Simpsons you suggested that they call the kid Bart.

Yakko: You did the meal; you closed the deal
       You made an offer that they couldn't refuse
       And that's the way that you schmooze!

Wakko: Hey, I think I can do that!
Yakko: Be my guest!
Dot  : Martin Scorcese on Line Three!

Wakko: Marty, babe, I've got this script; you'll love it!
       It's a story no one else has ever had.
       You see, it comes from Hollywood,
       It's about a guy who's good,
       And he has to fight another guy, who's bad.

Dot  : Tarantino!

Wakko: Your treatment, man, is absolutely brilliant.
       It's got potential and we think it's really hot.
       We feel the only thing it needs
       Is rewriting all the leads
       And we'd like to see you try a different plot.

Dot  : Schwarzenegger!

Wakko: Arnold, babe, there ain't nobody like you.
       That action thing you absolutely own.
       But Zemeckis has the clout,
       So the backing points are out,
       'Sides, we figure we can always get Stallone.
Arnie: (spoken) Stallone? Are you kidding me?
       I'll come down there and kill you!

YW+D : You gotta do the schmooze
       And you can be a regular lollapalooze
Dot  : Rubbing elbows with that Hollywood bunch
Wakko: Eating sushi for lunch
Yakko: Show the ladies your Mercedes down at Spago for brunch!

YW+D : You gotta schmooze or lose
       You're on the A-list; you're the person they choose
Dot  : To make a movie that'll beat out the rest
Wakko: And be dramatically best
Yakko: Get Antonio Banderas; he can show off his chest!

YW+D : You wanna make it to the top and be the cream of the crop?
       You can't lose,
       If you learn how to schmooze!
(beep, beep!)
Wakko: (spoken) Is that my pager or my cell phone?

Secr : Oh, singing Ewoks! Mister Plotz will see you now.
Yakko: Ready?
W+D  : Ready!
Yakko: All right -- we're on!

YW+D : (sung) This is where we go in, and it's either we win
       Or we lose,
       Just as long as we schmooze!

For the lyrics to There's Only One of You, see the entry below from the Yakko's World album.
Variety Speak version 2
Music by Randy Rogel.

For the original version's lyrics, see the entry above from Animaniacs episode 71.
Newsm: Listen, kiddos, if you want to find out who has the money
       in this town, check out the trades.
Yakko: Of course! Variety! It has all the inside info!
Wakko: And all those weird headlines like "Execs In Stix But Hix Nix Pix"
Trst : Eh? What's that mean?
Wakko: I'm glad you asked! You see...

Wakko: In Hollywood they have a certain way they like to talk
       It's used by all the folks who can't chew gum and also walk.
Yakko: It's found inside Variety, a movie magazine
Wakko: And everyone who reads it wonders what the headlines mean.

Yakko: Like "Mitch Makes a Pitch and he's Gonna Get Rich"
Wakko: Means someone's got a movie that sold.
Yakko: "Brando's Mad, Said Screenplay's Bad"
Wakko: Means someone else was offered the role.
Yakko: It's called "Fargo Two" with a story that's new
Wakko: Means they're gonna shoot it all in L.A.
Yakko: The budget got maxed, so someone got faxed
Wakko: Everybody's on the carpet, so the writer got the axe.

Dot  : Well, merchandise scores in the theme park stores
Yakko: And Disney is the king of the hill.
Dot  : Michael Ovitz in talks with 20th Fox
Yakko: Means he wants another 93 mil.
Wakko: If you want the poop,
Dot  : Or you need the scoop
Yakko: On Hollywood town this week,
YW+D : You're gonna have to learn to talk that Variety Speak!

Girls: Ba ba doo bop, ba da ba do bah!
       Ba ba doo bop, ba da ba do bah!

Yakko: "Studio Bomb Gets Oscar Nom"
Dot  : Means that all the actors've gotta to be Brits.
Wakko: "Bronfman's Pay For MCA"
Yakko: Means the Japanese are callin' it quits.
Wakko: No scripts are new means "Jurassic Park 2"
Dot  : And a trillion little dinosaur toys.
Yakko: The cash flow's nice; they're releasing it twice
       Since it isn't out on video, they're jackin' up the price.

Dot  : Well, "Studio Czar Wants Unknown Star"
Yakko: Means they couldn't get Robert Duvall.
Wakko: But they're in trouble again doing "Mice and Men"
Yakko: With Martin Short and Steven Segall.
YW+D : You gotta stay alive,
       And if you wanna survive
       In Hollywood town this week,
       You're gonna have to learn to talk that Variety Speak!

Girls: Ba ba doo bop, ba da ba do bah!
       Ba ba doo bop, ba da ba do bah!

Yakko: Normal talk makes producers walk
Dot  : You might as well speak Greek.
Yakko: You're gonna have to learn...
Wakko: Or the meeting will adjourn
YW+D : Unless, my friend, you learn that Variety Speak!

Girls: Ba ba doo bop, ba da ba do bah!
       Ba ba doo bop, ba da ba do bah!
YW+D : Bop doop, bop doop, bop doop, bah dah!

L.A. Dot
Music by Randy Rogel.
Dot  : Hey look! It says "L.A. DOT" on the side of the bus!
       They put my name there! Boy, does this town love me or what?
Yakko: Uh, excuse me, Dot, but--

Dot  : L.A. Dot,
       L.A. Dot,
       That's the sign that the bus has got
       Written up where everyone can see
       Me, L.A.D.O.T.
       Spells L.A. Dot;
       Who'd've thought
       The one so cute could be this hot?
       The metro line has built a sign for me.

       When I go walking down the street
       All the folks I chance to meet
       Will wave and smile and throw a fuss
       'Cause I'm the girl whose name is on the metro bus!

       And no else
       Has that spot
       Meryl Streep and Cher do not
       Madonna, she is totally not
       No, the only name there's L.A. Dot!
       'Cause I'm the best
       Still, I'm floored;
       Who'd have guessed I'm so adored?
       You'd think I'd be conceited but I'm not.
Crowd: No, no!
Dot  : I'm just simple, humble, gorgeous L.A. Dot!

       I'm overwhelmed
       Quite a lot
       Blown away; I kid you not!
       Who would have expected
       For a sign to be erected
       Saying L.A. Dot?
       But hey, why not?
       I am a star from the Warner lot
       Who they're thinkin' of 'cause they're all in love with me.

       So if, my friends, you chance to spot
       A great big bus with "L.A. DOT"
       No need to ask or wonder why
       You know that it was put there by

       My loyal fans
       Who clap their hands
       And cheer while banging pots and pans
       They'll greet me now with marching bands a lot.
Crowd: Yeah, yeah!
Dot  : Yes, they put me on the bus
       So that every one of us
       Could see that they love L... A...
Yakko: (spoken) Dot, excuse me, but that's not your name.
       L.A.D.O.T. stands for Los Angeles Department Of Transportation.
Dot  : Oh. Well...
       (sung) You can find me on my web page spot
       It's W W W dot Dot dot
Y+W  : Dot dot Dot!

It's New Year's Eve
Music by Randy Rogel.
Wakko: Hey look! Three minutes to midnight!
       It's almost New Year's!

Dot  : Should auld acquaintance be forgot
       And everybody cheer
       We've managed somehow, friends,
       To make it through another year.
Yakko: Let's stay up late, let's celebrate,
       And then count down from ten
       'Cause tomorrow when we wake up, guys,
       The whole thing starts again.

Yakko: It's New Year's Eve and I'm a beaut
       Dressed up in my tuxedo suit
       Got a shirt and vest
       That are starched and pressed like new.
       I do, and I'm lovin' the view!

Wakko: 'Cause it's New Year's Eve and I'm lookin' swell
       With a white carnation in my lapel
       Got a coat and tie
       And I can't deny it's true.

Dot  : It's New Year's Eve and I do believe
       I'll hit all of the restaurants in sight
       The party's at Sardi's
       And old Guy Lombardi's
       Doing the countdown tonight.

Yakko: Well, it's New Year's Eve; let the party rock
       Let's dance, and then, when it's twelve o'clock
       We'll sing them tunes
       And we'll pop balloons with a cheer!
Crowd: Hear hear!
Dot  : Bring out the confetti; we're ready
       Hey, happy new year!

Dot  : It's New Year's Eve, so let's all get dressed
       In a tux or gown; when you look your best
       You're the belle of the ball
       You're the one that they all came to see!
Crowd: Happy new year!
Dot  : Happy new you, my friend,
       And happy new me! Mwah!

Wakko: May auld acquaintance be forgot
       On New Year's Eve, they say
Dot  : Let's give a cheer; a brand-new year
       Will soon be here to stay.
Yakko: Let's drink our fill o' sasparilla
Wakko: We're too young for champagne
YW+D : And every New Year's Eve
       It's time to scream and go insane!

Yakko: It's New Year's Eve and it's almost here
       We'll dance and swing from the chandelier
       And we'll all go nuts
       When the ribbon cuts, we'll cheer.

Dot  : When midnight comes, we'll cut a rug
       We'll toast each other and kiss and hug
       As the shouters and screamers
       Throw all of those streamers right here.

Wakko: It's New Year's Eve, but don't you grieve
       'Cause another year's headed our way
       It's gonna be great
       'Cause we're stayin' up late
       Then tomorrow we'll sleep in all day.

Dot  : It's New Year's Eve; gonna have a blast
Yakko: The new one's here and the old one's past
Wakko: So forget your worry
       And everyone hurry, you hear?
YW+D : It's OK, be a jerk, go berzerk;
       Have a happy new year!

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