Lost Animaniacs Clips

Takes Omitted, Scenes Excised

26 May 2012 - Added entry for Video Review
4 September 2008 - Updated entries for Yakko's Universe Song, Broadcast Nuisance and Dear Mister Gingrich
3 September 2007 - Updated entries for Smell Ya Later and Meet John Brain
4 April 2003 - Added entry for TV or Not TV
2 November 2000 - Added entry for Very Special Opening
2 November 2000 - Updated entry for Broadcast Nuisance
2 November 2000 - Updated entry for Potty Emergency
2 July 2000 - Added entry for Dear Mister Gingrich
9 March 2000 - Updated entry for Meet John Brain
9 March 2000 - Added entry for Dot - The Macadamia Nut
9 March 2000 - Added entry for Moon Over Minerva
9 March 2000 - Added entry for Les Boutons et la Ballon
28 February 2000 - Added entry for Melancholy Brain
27 February 2000 - Page created

Introducing the LACTOSE! This series of pages will chronicle major changes to scripts, recordings and animation for episodes of Animaniacs and both Pinky & The Brain shows, whether before or after initial airing in the U.S. The pages contain everything from fan assumptions to script quotes to actual unused recorded and drawn material. Hopefully, over time, more information will become known and get added. To submit material, rumor or conjecture, send email. You may remain anonymous if you prefer.

Things to know when you read the pages: "ADR" stands for Automated Dialog Replacement, and refers to recording sessions held after the animation is completed. This is common in Warner Bros. cartoons especially, and is done to fix animation timing errors, change lines that were deemed too sensitive, or to replace jokes that were topical when the cartoon was written (and originally recorded) with ones more topical to the time when they are to be aired. "Call Retake" refers to sending a scene back to the animators (usually overseas) to fix major problems. Sometimes, the retake is not received in time for an episode's debut, so the initial animation is shown, to be replaced on repeat airings by the retake.

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406-600E Yakko's Universe Song
406-600O Very Special Opening
406-603  Slappy Goes Walnuts
406-805  Win Big
406-707  Meatballs or Consequences
406-811  Broadcast Nuisance
406-831  Potty Emergency
406-632  King Yakko
406-633  Meet John Brain
406-834  Les Boutons et la Ballon
406-735B Katie Ka-Boom: Bad Hair Day
406-737  Moon Over Minerva
406-644  Video Review
406-750  Lookit the Fuzzy Heads
406-657  Amusement Park
406-860  Smell Ya Later
406-681  Of Mouse and Man
406-685  Dear Mister Gingrich
406-695A Mouse of La Mancha
406-???  Soccer Coach Slappy
406-???  Randy Beaman's Pal
406-???  Good Idea, Bad Idea
407-202  Plan Brain from Outer Space
407-108  Jokahontas
407-213  The Pink Candidate
407-141  Dot - The Macadamia Nut
407-250  Bah, Wilderness
407-252  You Said a Mouseful
407-261  Melancholy Brain
???-???  TV or Not TV

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