Santa Cruz, CA -- A long-time resident of Boulder Creek has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his imaginative reformulation of the Golden Rule for today's New Age of Terror. Dr. Nick Herbert, a Stanford-trained physicist with both academic and industrial experience, is better known for his three-line proof of Bell's Interconnectedness Theorem, for a superluminal communication scheme whose refutation led directly to the important No-Cloning Rule in quantum computation and for authoring several popular edge-science books including Quantum Reality and Elemental Mind.

Dr. Herbert's fascination with ethical questions arose in connection with the development of what he calls "quantum tantra" -- an extension of current scientific thinking so avant-garde that it makes Jack Sarfatti look like a member of the Establishment. Quantum Tantra proposes to contact Nature not by mere observation but in embarrassingly direct ways. Herbert's imaginative attempts to uncover these "direct ways" has landed him outside conventional physics circles, even the most advanced.

The discovery for which Herbert, grandson of Slovak-American immigrants, has been recognized is an extension of the Golden Rule which he calls Golden Rule 2.0 -- or simply GR 2.0. Dr. Herbert' s new formulation, which is now being privately circulated among high-level ethical thinkers, has been hailed as the "biggest moral upgrade since the Ten Commandments". Herbert is more modest about his accomplishment which will be released to the public on Spring Equinox if it withstands the scrutiny of the world's ethical experts. "It's an elegant new formulation, for sure," says Herbert, "but it's not as though I've discovered something brand new."

For several years Dr. Herbert co-directed with Saul-Paul Sirag private workshops on the Physics of Consciousness at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, flagship of the human potential movement. Herbert credits his Esalen experiences as inspiration for much of his work in quantum tantra. When questioned about possible commercial applications of his New Moral Law, Dr. Herbert directed such inquiries to his agent John Brockman.

Dr. Herbert concedes that his GR 2.0 does not directly decrease the suffering of humanity as much as, for instance, the works of Doctors Without Borders, the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize of 1999. But what GR 2.0 lacks in specificity it makes up for in generality, Herbert maintains. Herbert's New Golden Rule applies to all human relationships at all times and in all circumstances--from our treatment of the environment, to the raising of children, as well as how we deal with terrorists and mortal conflicts such as that between Israelis and Palestineans.

Herbert's discovery has elicited comparisons with ethical thinkers as diverse as Bertrand Russell and Rabbi Hillel. One ethics expert remarked when shown Dr. Herbert's work, "Herbert's upgrade takes the Golden Rule and puts teeth in it".

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