Of course I took money from the military
To finance my education at Stanford.
So did everybody else in those days.
We were doing "pure research"
At the edge of physics
Not designing death rays.
And sure the Enemies of Mankind
Found new uses for the Herbert Effect
New uses that made nuclear weapons
Look like Chinese fireworks.

Look, I was just trying to refute Chernovki's Proof
And I stumbled across a brand new way of seeing things
It was just my good luck
I mean, my bad luck
Yes, my bad luck
Bad luck to have discovered the Herbert Effect.
Yes, I've seen the videos
Yes, I've heard them call it
The Ultimate Atrocity.
I've heard them call it
An entirely new and original Sin.

Look, the Herbert Effect was an accident
It just fell into my lap.
But it could have been otherwise.
Did you know that the Herbert Effect
Is a direct consequence of Dirac's Equation?
For God's sake, man,
Any fool could have discovered this thing in 1929.
The Herbert Effect could have been used by Hitler.

Yes, I know, certain obvious applications of the Herbert Effect
Might make Hitler look like a philanthropist.
What do you want me to say?
Of course I'm sorry.


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