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Poor Avoid this book. I have just finished slogging my way (intermittently for a month) through Underworld (1997) by Don DeLillo.

A decade ago, I read War and Peace one Summer, taking my time with the story, the characters, and the words, carrying the book to coffee shops, Laundromats, and on a summer backpacking trip into high Sierra country. What a feast of a novel - a moveable feast, too.

Underworld is, of course, totally feeble by comparison, except in its gravitational pull, as the book's mass is that of a small moon of Jupiter. But the tome is merely a collage of information (journalism and opinion), which the flour-and-water paste of diverse and intermittent narrative fails to hold together.

I tried to enter Underworld a few years ago, and dropped it. However, following my delight in his The Body Artist, and after reading enormous praise for Underworld, I tried it again. I did finish it so that I can pontificate that the whole is as bad as the portion I remembered.

Don DeLillo writes (about a third of the way through the book):
Ah, yes indeed. And in this novel, vice versa. (09.06.2004)

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