Entry point to Psychology pages and texts: cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, personality psychology, etc.

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Psychology entry points

* Biopsychology.
* Cognitive Psychology.
* The Enneagram and Psychology.
* Evolutionary Psychology.
* Personality Psychology
* Psychological research methods.

Psychology books

* Allport: Nature of Prejudice (Gordon W. Allport).
* Burton: On Being Certain (Robert A. Burton).
* Cameron-Bandler: Know How: Guided Programs for Inventing Your Own Best Future (Leslie Cameron-Bandler).
* Gladwell: blink (Malcolm Gladwell).
* Maitri: The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram (Sandra Maitri).
* Norem: Pessimism (defensive) (Norem).
* Seligman: Learned Optimism (Martin E. P. Seligman).

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