crane altar
written & Illustrated
by Nanda Currant

"Wingspread is a wonder-filled blend of fact and myth designed to enliven our respect for birds, and to insure their important presence in the future."

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Bringing Nature To Life
The Use of Performance Art
for Environmental Restoration
by Nanda Currant
Bringing Nature to Life

"This book is a guide for educators, parents, artists and concerned community members who wish to help heal the natural world and develop awareness through performance art."

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Performance and Community Art
for Rivers
by Nanda Currant

"Riverworks is the outcome of a wonderful community arts endeavor. The performances presented in this Guide supported the Annual Gila River Festival, an on-going effort to help the last wild, and free flowing river in New Mexico. Environmental stewardship is an essential part of our work, and science is brought to life through performance art as an experience and not simply as information filed away as a report."

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