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Cradle to Cradle
I first heard Bill McDonough at the Bioneers conference. His designs are influenced by his creed "for all the children of all species for all time." He is the epitome of a 'Bioneer.' We have to break our habit of throwing away because really there is no 'away' to throw to. We are all co-existing in a closed loop system - that's why we have to shift from the cradle-to-grave mentality - there is no such thing as 'waste.'

His latest book is co-authored with Michael Braungart's.
Cradle to Cradle - a book you can recycle with your yoghurt pots -"This book is not a tree!" Cradle to Cradle is a signal of intention for the future of printed matter—an example of what it might look and feel like. You'll still enjoy curling up with Cradle to Cradle, leafing through its pages (surprisingly nice to the touch), and perhaps even carelessly reading it in the bathtub (it's waterproof!).

So when you pick up a copy of Cradle to Cradle, you'll find that it's meaning isn't just in what it says, it's also in what it is.
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"No conference on Earth celebrates more fully the possibilities of creating a world that is conducive to life. Bioneers is central to the re-imagination of what it means to be human." -Paul Hawken, Author, Natural Capitalism

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