~ Wake-up, America ! ~

Wake Up, America!

We need trees.

We don’t need trees for paper!

"Paper made of hemp lasts much longer than paper made of trees, without cracking, yellowing or otherwise deteriorating: It’s the "archivists perfect paper". Processing hemp for paper uses far less chemical acid than does wood. Over a 20 year period, one acre of hemp produces as much pulp as 4.1 acres of forest land." Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH) Ph:510 215 8326

Wake Up, America! was the rallying call for the 1998 San Francisco Industrial Hemp Expo. Where did the passion come from to pull off such an event? My passion is for the trees.

Nowadays I regularly use paper made from kenaf, hemp,denim & cotton scraps, old money - virtually anything is better than using trees. The only reason we're still pulping trees for paper is because the infra-structure is already in place. Trees would not be the substance of choice for paper if we were starting out anew. Your power as a 'consumer' is that for every ream of tree-free paper you buy the tree-free paper market increases. Buy tree-free and cast your vote for new paper mills for the new millennium.

"When the secret corners of the forest are heavy with the scent of men (it will signal) the end of living and the beginning of survival." Chief Seattle 1855

San Francisco Industrial Hemp Expo '98 - Letter from the Producers

"There is a tide in human affairs, if taken in the flood, leads on to prosperity"

It is our great pleasure to present to you Expos of the America’s first San Francisco Industrial Hemp Expo. We stand in awe of this creation which evolved in ways we dared to imagine but could not have fashioned alone: there is ‘a tide’, it is in flood, and the prosperity we are inviting and celebrating is not at the expense of the land or the water or the forests or people or plants or animals or birds. As Marianne Williamson so aptly put it; "the generation of procrastinators is on the move." We’re the grown ups now and by our outspoken intent and actions we are shaping a future worth living for.

Though we live in an age of information technology, still that which is newly emerging is hard to find. We have therefore designed this program guide to be an on-going resource directory, making liberal use of e-mail addresses, websites, phone numbers and anything else that will help you get what you want. For this reason also, we opted for a very conservative ratio of ads to copy to make space for some of the many noteworthy initiatives in relation to hemp. It is the distinctive mark of this industry that business entrepreneurs collaborate, cooperate and engage in much not-for-profit activity to help ensure that domestic hemp cultivation and production is restored and allowed to flourish to its full potential. It is to these people and this community commitment that we dedicate our work in this field.

As the industrial hemp advocacy movement sweeps into a new level of visibility, we pause to say Thank You Jack Herer, author of The Emporer Wears No Clothes, for stirring so many people one by one into wakefulness on this issue. To Chris Conrad, Hemp – Lifeline to the Future, and to the Santa Cruz Hemp Council for a long decade of hemp education and advocacy. Now the books upon the shelves are many and the citizens are indeed waking up.

"Small beginnings….greater ends" St Francis of Assisi

Wake Up, America! is original poster artwork from the period of time prior to the United State’s entrance into the Great War. The image of high ideals or in this case "Liberty" as a young woman was a common 19th & early 20th century motif. In both the United States and Europe it was widely used in public works of art (statues, medals, coins) to try to infuse the feeling evoked by beauty into themes that were perceived as the greatest public good.

We first saw this image in an issue of Marilyn Ferguson’s Brain Mind Bulletin. It was originally published in Wake Up, America: World War I and the American Poster by Walton Rawls. Used with permission of the author.

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Wake-up, America!


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