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You dreamed this awake
World citizens
Who know the Earthís at stake
We dedicate Our Lives to you who dared to say
We could be so much more,
thereís got to be another way..

One day in each of us rebellion rose
And Old World B/Orders could not keep us bound
Remember when they said the world is flat
And one by one we dared to say, Itís Round!

The Renaissance of open hearts has come
And lucid minds that readily discern
One global family dressed in diverse form
One common heart to beat in our return

The undercurrent starts to overflow
Compassion is the warmth by which we see
The energy that weaves this planet dance
Yet Passion is the driving quality

We plant our feet with passion on the earth
And passion gives us wings to fly
And as we all aspire, Passion is the fire
That feeds and fuels each solitary cry

Itís time to ground the visions that we brings
To firmly anchor in each separate part
Thereís no one obsolete or useless thing
As this picture born of peace brings home our heart.

-Corrina Cop Rain
Earth Day 1992

"The Church says the Earth is Flat
But I know that it is Round
For I have seen the shadow on the Moon
And I have More Faith in a Shadow
Than in the Church"

-Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521)


She's a deva
she's an elf
shape shifter
shadow of her brilliant self
rainbow spirit
shooting star
that's how far she came to find you
From the deep and wild green places
from dimensions many faces
this world now her spirit graces
to remind you


Healing the Wounds of War, Women & Weans
My solar plexus is my Will
That ganglia, like the radiant sun
Blesses my abdominal organs
Of which my womb is one

I never felt my distant womb
I never felt my will, so still
But now my womb is stirred and grieves
And here I feel my rising will

n ovum
Embarked upon her journey from the east
She came upon a sperm
She did not greet him
Did not meet him
Willingly in the least

No will was there to welcome him
No will there to resist
The sperm, with all his being said
I insist insist insist

And she, from her position,
Wherever that place was
Showed no response or preference,
She was amiss, a loss

No will was there to welcome him
No will there to resist.
The sperm with all his being
Said I insist insist insist

So in he went and settled
And there began the sin
For sin is separation
Here formed with His insistence and Her cave-in
They merged
Urged another life to grow
And there she grew
Holding their predilection strongly
To and through
Her miserable eviction:

The child who chose this union to be born
Turned at her birth and stubborn screamed

And through her primal scream
The die was once more cast:
I insist insist insist
I have no will
And have no past..

For 30 years she lived the lack
Then slowly slowly slowly
She came back.


Poem moon
Silver moon
I watched her come and go
And with her learned to ebb & flow

Sister moon
Gentle yet strong
Awakened my desire
My yearning to belong

And here in this arena I trembling take my place
To find the sun was always here
Waiting waiting for me to greet him
With an open welcoming face.

The moon - I found her in the South
The sun on the lowlands golden cast
But my heart o'erflows in the Highland hills
My spirit soars as I touch my past

Bereft of mountains, wind and streams
And heather of the softest hue
Moss like rich velvet to the touch
I ached for what I never knew

My voice belies my Highland blood
With southern sounds intone
But as I climb and scan the brae
I heartfelt know it as my own

Highland women fought and lost
Foremothers wept with voices hushed
Driven from their native land
Gave up their homes with spirits crushed

O women, lay aside your hurt
For daughters of these mountains must
Reclaim their spirit borne through time
And held for them, a sacred trust

O Sisters of the Highlands fair
Rekindle now the tiny flame
It burned through all the bitter wars
Is burning still for you to claim.

Corrina Cop Rain McFarlane
Scotland 1989


The poem beloe is not one of mine but one I have carried with me since I found it 15 years ago
It's by Jehanne Mehta (UK)

Let the Center Hold
When the new octave begins there is a power in the wind
And the race is on to be first at the waking
And neither party knows the name
of this game to end all games
And deep inside you know the earth is shaking
Then let the center hold
Only let the center hold

When there are wings on every cloud
And I shout your name aloud
And you know that soon there'll be an end to waiting
When you find you are the key to this nameless mystery
And you begin to see the doorway I am making
Then let the center hold
Only let the center hold

When the brilliance of your star shows me just how close you are
Though you may have been a million light years falling
And it may blow the world apart when you land inside my heart
Though the cherry blooms and all the birds are calling
Then let the center hold
Only let the center hold

I am standing quite alone by a secret standing stone
And there are faces in the mist banks of the morning
And the last fears all are shed from the caverns of the dead
And along light rays of dawn I see you coming
Then let the center hold
Only let the center hold
Let the center hold.


"From her body she spins,
From her body she spins,
She weaves the world from sacred thread
In circle dance, she weaves the web.
The rock, the wind, the mind, the soul,
All are my relations."

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