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Pamela Matthews, New Zealand visionary artist

I first saw one of Pamela's paintings on the front of a magazine during a sojourn in New Zealand. The image so captured my desire and dreaming that I did not rest until a meeting between us had been arranged and I was sitting with her in her little dwelling place, The Grail, drinking in the original painting (and many more). 'Reconciliation of the Sexes', the image that helped to bring her lover to her and mine to me, ranks among the great works that are enabling us to shift paradigms. Pamela, along with her new-found partner, Richard Symons, joined us in 1991 at Featherstone, a medieval castle on the Scottish/English border, to be our wedding officiants.

I joined them in New Zealand to celebrate their wedding ~ the weaving continues. It was Pamela who introduced me to the music of Carolyn Hillyer (Seventh Wave Music) after meeting her at the London Mind, Spirit & Body Festival.

"Rainbow Warrior" was the Greenpeace ship damaged by a French bomb placed onboard the ship in Auckland Harbor, New Zealand on July 10th 1985. It was beyond repair and two years later was towed to the Cavalli Islands, offshore from Matauri Bay, where it was sunk to become a marine reserve and an attraction for divers. Five years after the bombing a memorial was erected on top of Matauri Bay Hill overlooking the site where the ship now lies. In 1990 Pamela completed the Rainbow Warrior. The painting was too powerful to keep in her private dwelling place and she could not settle until she delivered it down to the community's center. These things are not meant to be borne alone.
'Rainbow Warrior' is named for the North American Cree Indian prophecy: 'When the world is sick and dying, the people will rise up like Warriors of the Rainbow....'

  'Rainbow Warrior'
  Pamela Matthews

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