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Carolyn Hillyer & Nigel Shaw are two extraordinary composers/musicians who draw their inspiration from the untamed land of Dartmoor, England, as well as from indigenous peoples around the globe.

With several albums to their name, including Songs of the Forgotten People and Echoes of the Ancient Forest, they have brought their powerful medicine to people in Russia, The Baltics, Japan, Australia, Europe, and across the British Isles.

Some reviews from the UK:
"Songs of the Forgotten People is one of those rare albums that freezes time and makes the skin tingle and the heart pound…truly this is the stuff of magic…" QUEST MAGAZINE

"It is the most outstanding music I have heard for years – flowing, varied, powerful, subtle, emotionally stirring and always surprising. Very highly recommended." VEE VAN DAM

"Their language is poetical and gutsy...it had me on the edge of my seat, sitting there right on the moor, feeling the weather....this is the dreamtime, the threshold where ordinary Reality and the world of spirit meet..." SACRED HOOP MAGAZINE

One of their albums, ' - Requiem - Well of Souls' is the theme music for the Monterey Bay Friends of the Sea Otter video Video title: Beneath the Surface - Narrated by Betty White

This 26 minute video produced in Spring of 2000 by Friends of the Sea Otter is narrated by Betty White and focuses on sea otter health, ocean health, and our health. It is directed by Ed Schehl and written by Katherine Knight of Raindancer Environmental Film & Video and has wonderful never before seen underwater footage by Florian Graner. In this video, you will learn about the southern sea otter and how the campaign to save the sea otters is connected to the understanding of ocean health and our own health. Can scientists uncover what is killing southern sea otters and reverse this trend in time to save this magnificent and charismatic creature?

The Well of Souls Requiem is based in part on the classical form of Mass for the Dead. This work of Art transends religions evoking feelings of Love and Hope in our passing, instead of Fear and Judgement. Although the composers personal interpretation of the journey through death, this music is as much a celebration of LiFE.

THE EAGLE'S PRECIOUS GIFT IS LIFE, the place from which the Requiem unfolds. Like Water, the Spirit is drawn from the Well of Souls to experience LiFE's moments of Ecstacy and Despair. Performed by Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer, this album faces up to the the Infinite and Eternal moving between light and dark on the quest for the Spirit of Eden.

Carolyn’s song compositions are accompanied by paintings which help to invoke mythic archetypes. She was the featured artist on the cover of We’Moon ’98 datebook with the face of ‘Grandmother Turtle’. The faces she paints are sacred landscapes, reflections of the deep earth and echoes of ancient memory. Her women’s workshops follow the cycles of her own journey.

CDs available in Santa Cruz County at White Raven cafe in Felton and Gateways Bookstore on Pacific Ave or email Corrina.

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