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Ramona, Jeffrey, and I are lucky enough to live in the exquisitely beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. I make my living as a consultant, and find consulting to be a wonderful way to balance financial necessities with family responsibilities and my research interests. I have a great love of competent and ethical interdisciplinary research in physics and biology. I TA’d university courses at the undergraduate level for eight years, and I love and respect teaching as a way-of-life. I also love music and have played classical and flamenco guitar for most of my life.

Personal No-No’s: Egotism; arrogance; intentional misrepresentation and dishonesty in science, acadamia, and industry.

Personal Yes’s: Respect for all life; excellence in all disciplines; truthfulness and integrity in all endeavors. What is worth doing, is worth doing well.

My graduate research involved modeling of dolphin biosonar and hearing. This work included development of combined acoustic simulation and extrapolation programs; development of a novel method for modeling the physical properties of mammalian tissues from x-ray CT data; study of the anatomy of the dolphin forehead and lower jaw tissues; and investigation of the acoustical mechanisms of dolphin biosonar and hearing via simulation.

My industry research involves a wide range of projects, including ultrasonic transducer simulation and design, finite-element multi-physics simulation and numerical modeling, and electro-mechanical sensor design and optimization. I am an expert in the design of resistive and capacitive touchscreens, in the application of simulation for design rule investigation and design optimization, in parametric design code development, in the measurement of thin-film surface resistivity distributions, and in the design and analysis of electro-mechanical actuators. I have also worked in the design and analysis of optical MEMS devices.

Ph.D., Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1996
M.S., Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1990
B.S., Physics, Sonoma State University, 1987


2001-Present. Senior Consulting Physicist, JRJ Simulation & Design.

  • FEA modeling and optimization of piezoelectric transducers.
  • Advanced R&D on all phases of acoustic, resistive, and surface capacitive computer touchscreen design and manufacturing.
  • Long series of successful device optimizations.
  • Invented novel method for rapidly and accurately mapping thin-film elec-
    trical surface resistivity distributions.
  • Authored custom simulation and engineering parametric design codes and
    associated documentation.
  • Authored research articles on three-dimensional simulations of dolphin
    biosonar signal emission and hearing.
  • Assisted research groups applying my bioacoustic simulation and tissue
    modeling techniques.
  • Sole or co-inventor on several patents.

2000-2001. Physicist, MuSquared, Inc.

  • Performed ZEMAX optical simulations of MEMS optical devices.
  • Developed and applied MATLAB programs for electro-mechanical and thermal-structural analysis of MEMS actuators.
  • Developed and applied ANSYS finite element electro-mechanical and thermal-structural simulations of MEMS devices.
  • Developed and applied finite difference time-domain simulation codes for optical waveguide propagation.
  • Developed and applied boundary extrapolation programs for occluded optical beam far-field diffraction analyses.
  • Inventor of an ultra wide-angle, quasi-linear MEMS mirror actuator design.
  • Inventor and co-author on several patent submissions.

1999-2000. Consulting Physicist, JRJ Simulation & Design.

  • Provided an assortment of design and simulation services.
  • Expert in application of simulation for developing design rules for new
    products and for existing product optimization.
  • Advanced R&D on acoustic and resistive computer touchscreens.
  • Expert in design of 5-wire resistive computer touchscreens.
  • Dramatically successful product redesigns.
  • Co-inventor on several patents.

1997-1999. Scientist, Elo TouchSystems, Inc.

  • Project Lead on all new resistive touchscreen product development.
  • Maintained ISO 9001 design documentation on new product development.
  • Advanced R&D. Development of design, analysis, and modeling techniques.
  • Dramatic success in lowering design-related sensor failure rates.
  • Instructor for employee training in state-of-the-art touchscreen technology.
  • Co-inventor on patent submissions.
1991-1997. Industry Consultant.
  • Surface acoustic wave and resistive computer touchscreen R&D.
  • Developed and applied simulations to verify sensor design principles.
  • Developed manufacturing quality key-measures.
  • Developed reflective acoustic array technology.
  • Developed mathematical models for engineering design.
  • Physics, mathematics, wave propagation, acoustics, ultrasonics, electro-mechanical device modeling and optimization, biological tissue modeling.
  • Expert in computer touchscreen design and optimization.
  • Expert investigator of device design principles via simulation.
  • Expert developer of parametric design codes generating CAD files.
  • Experienced user of Finite Element (FEA) modeling packages for
    2D/3D simulation of electrical/mechanical/ultrasonic devices.
  • Expert in 2D/3D Boundary Element and Finite Difference Time Domain simulation of wave propagation.
  • Expert in modeling of acoustic parameters of biological tissues.
  • Expert in acoustic mechanisms of dolphin biosonar and hearing.
  • Trained user of PZFlex FEA ultrasonic/piezoelectric simulation package.
  • Trained user of ANSYS FEA multi-physics simulation package.
  • Trained user of CFDRC FEA multi-physics simulation package.
  • Experienced user of 3D scientific visualization (IDL, AVS) and graphics/analysis (MATLAB) packages.
  • Experienced user of AutoCAD; familiar with CAD file formats.
  • Experienced user of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other standard office applications.
  • Excellent personal and public communication, presentation, writing and teaching skills.
  • Author of journal articles and research textbook contributions.
  • Award for Outstanding UCSC Teaching Assistant, 1995.