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More Discussion About the Recall - Tactics of the Recall Proponents

Many recall proponents folks claim that nobody can refute their allegations. In fact, they’re right. For months anti-recall folks have been trying to respond and explain. So has the superintendent, so have board members, so has the Valley Women’s Club, so has the president of SLVTA (the teachers union), so has our local County Supervisor, and on and on. But these angry folks steadfastly maintain a “poor us” victim’s stance and just won’t hear of it. Henny Penny is indeed running amok here in the Redwoods.

Pro-recall tactics boil down to this: Make allegations; repeat them no matter the response or explanation. Next ask “innocent” questions loaded with innuendo. E.g., “Is the board planning to put low-income housing into the closed Redwood school?” (Or words to that effect.) Then repeat the allegations again. Appeal to the current “Throw the Bums Out” political climate, and then make more groundless charges.

The facts are on The board is not misappropriating bond money. Bond lawyers are in place and they review all expenditures. Zoning issues are a smoke screen, cynically playing to some citizens’ fear of “low income housing.”

The four board members being subjected to the recall effort are not some local reincarnation of Darth Vader. What motive could they possibly have to do the dastardly deeds they are accused of? Think about it. These local folks came up through the ranks of long time community involvement. They are former coaches, cookie bakers, field trip drivers, classroom volunteers, carnival workers, etc. Have they suddenly morphed into some conniving bunch of politicos intent on destroying the district they serve? I don’t think so!

When you look carefully beyond all the hype, innuendo, and rhetoric, it’s plain old sour grapes. From the perspective of an active district supporter for over twenty years, I see an age-old case of, “We didn’t get our way. So now we’re going to get even.”

Steve Krause

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