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School Board Meeting Synopsis

October 21, 2003

Link To SLVUSD Web site Agendas and Minutes Page (Note: These are PDF files - read this if you have trouble opening them). Minutes are posted after they are approved, usually at the next regular meeting.

Note from Laura About These Synopses (Basically, I report on what I think will be most interesting to community residents. Consult the minutes for a more complete listing of what happened in the meeting.)

Closed Session

The board had no report out of closed session, which was listed on the agenda as follows:

- Labor Negotiations Compensation for Represented and Unrepresented Employees (Government Code 54957.6)
Confidential Personnel Issues (which may include leaves, medical issues, disciplines, separation, etc.) (Government Code 54957)
- Superintendent Performance Evaluation (Government Code 54957)
Pending Litigation Government Code: section 54956.9 (b)(1)(3)(c) (What is this?)
Claimants: SLV CARES, Michelle Hooker, L. Crews McCulloch, Janice Marshall, and Martin McKendry Vs San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District (What is this?)

Board Workshop - Testing Data

Report on test scores for the last three years. Improvement in most areas noted. Full Results Online

Community Input

Strategic plan was asked about. Superintendent Haff replied that the status and plans will be discussed next meeting.

BC Recreation has an agenda item related to the District's Surplus Property Committee, and also expects to complete the final draft of the proposed contract with the District in about two weeks.

The Harvest Carnival at SLE was a big success, generating both fun and funds. One of many positive goings-on cited.

The Surplus Property Committee will have their first meeting on Monday, October 27, from 6-8 PM. The meetings will be public.


Bond Update

- After several delays for various reasons such as the contractors needing to advertise for disabled vets, the bidding period on the high school renovation closes Friday. Four general contractors are expected to bid. The construction period is supposed to be about a year, but since it looks like outside work will now overlap with the rainy season, this may slow things down.

- The issues with the soils reports at the Jr. High were discussed in detail. The first estimate came in way over the planned budget due to the analysis stating that the building to be made into a 2-story building is at least partly on 10 feet of fill and a lot of extra foundation work would be required. Another soils report, apparently done in much more detail, said that the fill was less than half that depth, and alternative, less costly measures could be safely undertaken. Although the board at first seemed tempted to immediately go with the second option (the company is very reputable and the analysis more detailed), it was decided to take some extra time and try to resolve the apparent discrepancies in the reports.

The Junior High project should be finished by 2005 if it keeps going on the track it's on now. The BCE renovations will start later, but are less extensive, so they "should" finish at about the same time.

Unfortunately, with the delays in the high school project, it does not look as though the Jr. High and High School will be able to use the same temporary housing.

Community input supported the board in resolving discrepancies in soils reports before going forward.

Action Items

Most of the action items were routine, or follow-ups from previous meetings. Two exceptions were the discussion of a specific oversight committee for the pool, and the vote on the change in meeting days and times for the school board. The final decision is to change the time beginning next meeting to 6 PM for the open session (closed session, 5 PM), and beginning next summer change the day to Wednesday.

Meeting was adjourned at around 9 PM.

Comments from Laura:

Plenty of notetaking and videotaping continue from the recall/lawsuit crowd, but they are largely silent. Another "normal" meeting.