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School Board Meeting Synopsis

February 3 , 2004

Link To SLVUSD Web site Agendas and Minutes Page (Note: These are PDF files - read this if you have trouble opening them). Minutes are posted after they are approved, usually at the next regular meeting.

Note from Laura About These Synopses (Basically, I report on what I think will be most interesting to community residents. Consult the minutes for a more complete listing of what happened in the meeting.)

Closed Session

The board had no report out of closed session, which was listed on the agenda as follows:

Labor Negotiations Compensation for Represented and Unrepresented Employees (Government Code 54957.6)

Confidential Personnel Issues (which may include leaves, medical issues, disciplines, separation, etc.) (Government Code 54957)

Confidential Student Issues (Ed. Code 35146)

Pending Litigation - Government Code: section 54956.9 (b)(1)(3)(c) (What is this?)
Claimants: SLV CARES, Michelle Hooker, L. Crews McCulloch, Janice Marshall, and Martin McKendry Vs San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District (What is this?)

Board Workshop - Strategic Planning

The board began working on the strategic plan for the District, beginning with the Core Values. The work that comes out of this will go on to the Site Councils of the schools for further input.

Community Input

A charter petition for Redwood Academy, a proposed independent charter school to serve grades K-8, was submitted to the board. Under law, a public hearing must take place within 30 days, and a decision must be issued within 60 days. It will be put on the agenda as a first reading at the next board meeting February 17.

Organizational Updates/Announcements

Jeff Calden of the SLVTA issued a public plea to SLV CARE to cease pursuing their lawsuit against the District, especially in view of the recent failed attempt at at preliminary injunction based on the charges in the suit. He emphasized that because of the decisions made last year we are now financially the most sound district in Santa Cruz County. He read a long list of the advantages we have that others don't, and called the focus on the lawsuit a "waste of resources".

Superintendent Haff talked about a meeting she recently went to with other superintendents. Apparently half the school districts in California are experiencing declining enrollment, and most of the Districts are having serious financial problems.

The County Board of Education issued a letter of Financial Solvency to our district, and praised SLVUSD for its sound financial planning.

The Junior High plan went to the State Architect today.

A fund drive to lower class size in grades 4-12 is beginning. This will be teacher-driven, and in conjunction with the SLV Education Foundation.

Action Items

The action items this evening were routine business items.

Meeting was adjourned at around 7:08 PM.