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School Board Meeting Synopsis

April 20, 2004

Link To SLVUSD Web site Agendas and Minutes Page (Note: These are PDF files - read this if you have trouble opening them). Minutes are posted after they are approved, usually at the next regular meeting.

Note from Laura About These Synopses (Basically, I report on what I think will be most interesting to community residents. Consult the minutes for a more complete listing of what happened in the meeting.)

Closed Session

The board had no report out of closed session, which was listed on the agenda as follows:

Confidential Student Issues (Ed. Code 35146)

Superintendent Performance Evaluation (Government Code 54957)

Organizational Updates/Announcements

Jeff Bidmon announced that he will not be running for reelection this fall. He encouraged people in his area (Lompico, Zayante, and a small part of Felton) to consider service to the District in this way.

Community Input

The Environmental Committee of the Valley Women's Club make a donation of books to the schools, through a grant from the California Fish and Game Dept. The books focus on watershed and the wildlife living there.


Watershed Academy

A sophomore student of Watershed Academy demonstrated an excellent Power Point presentation which she developed, focusing on the various skills learned at Watershed Academy.

Student Diversity Training at SLVHS

There were various presentations about the diversity training, including the history and the various organizations which have been involved in its inception and development. The present program is through the National Coalition Building Institute, which is a 20-year old program. NCBI Web Site The ultimate goal is to provide training for staff, students (eventually K-12), parents, and community members. Presentations were made by Pat Clarke, the Chapter Director in Santa Cruz, members of the Equity Board (which assists students and parents having negative experiences, and which brought in the NCBI workshops), and students who participate in the program. A parent talked about the problems her children have faced in the SLV schools and how NCBI and the Equity Board has helped her family.

The team at SLVHS is made up mostly of students who were trained as leaders when they were freshman. The team has provided diversity training to all freshman though the health and geography classes, as well as in the Riverview program. They also participate in the Cultural Awareness Club, and have provided some community and staff workshops.

The problem now is that of the trainers are graduating. There is a training in May, and would cost $250 per participant. There are 12 interested in taking the training, but so far we have only two scholarships (one was donated at the meeting by a former Equity Board member). The school board committed to trying to come up with funds.

It was pointed out by a community member that this may be important for accreditation.

In any case, with the recent negative issues with students and staff, it seems extremely important that we do everything likely to be effective in addressing diversity issues.


Bond Expenditures

Edith Henden reported on expenditures to date. Since the bill passed in March, it looks like we will get the state matching funds on the high school renovation for sure.

BCE Site Plan Progress

Lynn Chappel presented information on the BCE site plan and the programs and approaches they are using to reach their goals.

Action Items (First Readings - to be voted on at next meeting)

Approval of Textbook Adoption

Marilee French presented three textbooks for approval, in the subjects of Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Spanish. She also presented information as to how each is based upon and meets the California standards. (I note that the math books are the "California Editions".)

Before and After School Care for SLE

Mindy Gilen (owner and operator of Scotts Valley Children's Center), Mike Herzog (owner and operator of Santa Cruz Soccer Camp for 9 years) and Sarah Brumnel (owner and operator of the HOWL after school science program) have formed a business call Kidspiration and has put together a proposal to offer after school care (and before-school if the demand is there) on the Quail Hollow Campus for grades K-6. Children would be bussed from SLE to Quail Hollow. They plan to have separate rooms for the younger and older groups. The program would include hobby clubs, field trips, guided study time, arts, sports, and relaxation time. It would be a state-licenced program. It would also cover most school holidays and breaks (but not the major holidays like Thanksgiving). They need a minimum of 28 children signed up to start. A proposed budget was submitted and questions were answered.

SLE parents will be polled, and the results reported at the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.