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319th Bomb Group Pacific Project--Multi-media CD-ROMs for Windows or MacIntosh

It's hard to get first-hand information.  What was the air war in the Pacific really like?

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Asia-Pacific Campaign
319th in the Pacific: A Pictorial Story. First hand accounts from the men of the 319th. Hundreds of photos and original documents. CD-ROM for Windows or MacIntosh.     SAMPLE IMAGES!    SORRY--SOLD OUT

WW II Victory
The A-26 Invader Fights in the Pacific: The Diary of Russell F. Stechshulte WW II diary published for the first time. Photos of airplanes, low-level bombing and strafing missions. CD-ROM for Windows or MacIntosh.     SAMPLE PAGES!    SORRY--SOLD OUT

Japan Occupation
Bombs, B-rew, Boredom: the War Time Diary of Army Air Force Pilot Lt. Thomas L. Lorbeer Softcover book, 116 pages.   SORRY--SOLD OUT

China Service
Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army Models A-26B and A-26C Airplanes Original operator's manual--now on CD-ROM for Windows or MacIntosh.    SORRY--SOLD OUT

Korean Service

NEW! The Life of "Lethal Lady": A Douglas A-26 Bomber in WW II and Korea
The TRUE STORY of an A-26 Invader bomber from the Douglas factory to combat in WW II and Korea--told from the airplane's point of view. 36-page, letter-sized book with maps and photos. Only $5 (incl. shipping in US)    SORRY--SOLD OUT

These CD-ROMs are very well done and make a great gift.   ORDER FORM. For more information contact Gene P. Ryan.

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